You know you have been hacking too long when: - not only do you check your email more often than your paper mail, but you remember your network address faster than your postal one. - you go to balance your checkbook and discover that you’re doing it in octal. - your computers have a higher street value than your car. - in your universe, round numbers are powers of 2, not 10. - more than once, you have woken up recalling a dream in some programming language. - you see the word Oxford and mentally trip over the fact that r is not a hex digit. - you realize you have never seen half of your best friends. - you look for your toothbrush by trying to do a /toothbrush command. - you are trying to recall something and hear in your head: "Parity error at address…" - you’re writing a homework assignment, and get to the end of the line in the middle of a sentence, tack on a \, and continue writing on the next line. - you try to sleep, and think, telnet - you have two books, one on top of another, and think: "No problem. I’ll just click on its title bar to raise the other book to the front.” - you hear a professor lecturing, and think that any question will crash his/her lecture interpreter. - you hit the wrong key on the elevator keypad and you feel frustrated when you see that it has no Undo key. - you think of the lyrics to "Jump! Jump!" by Kris Kross and wonder if they can be assembled... - you start typing semi-colons at the end of sentences instead of full stops; - you see something written on the blackboard and think: "Why don’t I just log on and download it?" - you think you can’t wake up in the morning because you forgot to push a return address on the stack the night before. - you wake up with a woman and you think that she is a PDP-11 and you try to figure out how to boot her. - you think your girlfriend is a VAX, and can’t figure out where to put the floppy. - you plan a hectic day as follows: "My load average seems to be a bit too high, my scheduler might die any moment, and I’m running out of swap space... I’d better kill off some low-priority user processes." - you are reading a book and look for the space bar to get to the next page. - you are working on two SPARC stations, and get confused as to why attempting to move the mouse off one screen doesn’t move it onto the other. - you are watching TV and look for the Info key in the remote control to find out the name of the program. - you want to grep a book. - you want to grep a videocassette. - you want to grep toothbrush /dev/gym_bag. - you want to grep keys /dev/pockets. - you want to grep homework /dev/backpack. - your children do something they shouldn’t, you tell them to stop, and they do it just once more, and you react by thinking: "Well, they prefetched the instruction and are executing it in the delay slot..." - after fooling around all day with routers and other junk, you pick up the phone and start dialing an IP number. - the bell rings ending class while the professor is in the middle of a sentence, and you think, "How in the world is he going to carry that continuation back to his office?" - you watch the temperature display on The Weather Network say that it is -0 degrees outside, and you catch yourself wondering if it is sign-magnitude or 1′s-complement." - you get in an elevator and double-press the button for the floor you want. - you go to the movies and it takes 5 minutes to get used to the flicker (damn low refresh rate...) - you go to the movies and catch yourself wondering what the color depth of the screen image is. - you see a flock of birds, and you sit there and try to figure out the algorithms that determine their movement. - you wonder if you could comment out the code that caused your girlfriend to get pregnant, but then you realize: "you do not have the source to your girlfriend, and even if you did, how would you go about recompiling her, anyway?" - your alarm clock goes off, and you think it is spawning new alarm clock processes and you have to kill them quickly so it doesn’t fill up the process table and prevent you from doing anything about it. The only problem is, there is a monitor process that you can’t kill, and every time you kill off one of the ring_alarm(x) processes, it waits 9 minutes and spawns another one. - you wish you could sleep 24000 &. - you try to bring a window to the front of something, then you realize that the “something” is a post-it on your screen. - in art class, you make a mistake in a drawing and look frantically for the Undo button on the paper. - you’ve been low-level debugging ethernets for a week and when you see two people at a table trying to pick up the same jar of butter you wonder if they are using the correct CSMA/CD algorithm to avoid a re-collision.